Cherry Tomato Salad & Burrata

Cherry Tomato Salad & Burrata cheese go together like peanut butter and jelly.

If you haven’t tried this classic combo, you will definitely thank us for the new favorite summer treat. If you have, then you know exactly what we are talking about.

Add this recipe to your arsenal and pull it out whenever you need a go to snack for parties or just a quick, easy, and tasty vegetarian lunch option.

This recipe is simple and delicious, plus you can whip it up from scratch in just minutes with items that are waiting for you in your fridge. Try changing up the herbs for a different flair and add your own twist.

Now, let’s grab our aprons and get to cookin’!

12 oz Cherry Tomatoes
1 Tbl Basil
1 Tbl Parsley
2 Scallion
2 Tbl Savory Seekers Seasoning Salt
2 Tbl Red Wine Vinegar
3 Tbl Olive Oil
1 Burrata
6 oz Raspberries
1 Baguette

Cherry Tomatoes & Burrata Method

1. Slice the baguette into thin “chips” coat with olive oil then dust with 1 Tbl of Savory Seekers Seasoning Salt. Place the seasoned baguette chips on a sheet tray lined with parchment paper. Next place the tray in an oven pre heated to 350° and roast until the chips are golden brown, about 10 minutes.

2. While the baguette chips are roasting, mince up the herbs and scallions, add then to a bowl. Toss in 2 Tbl or red wine vinegar, 2 Tbl olive oil and 1 Tbl of seasoning salt, then mix well and set aside.

3. Slice the cherry tomatoes in half then add them to the olive oil mix and stir to combine everything. We like to let the mix sit for about 10–15 minutes to let all the flavors merry.

4. Once the baguette chips are out of oven and cool it is time to plate.
grab a large plate or tray and place the burrata on one side, about 1/3 of the way from the edge. Next place the cherry tomatoes mixture around the burrata then place the baguette chips on the other side of the tray. Place the raspberries in a small dish of just on the side.

5. That’s it, now just dig in and enjoy this delicious summer treat.

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